Helping you create art with salvaged urban lumber.

Local reclaimed logs for your craftsmanship. Small-scale logging, custom milling, kiln drying, precise planing, and firewood.


About Harmony

The vision for Harmony Hardwoods is born from a deep love of nature, and working with trees. We are proud to be a small mill that specializes in salvaging and reclaiming logs from the local tree trimming industry. Each log is carefully sawn to minimize waste and to bring out the best of grain and color –an art– helping you to create art for generations.

what we do

Our Services

Small-Scale Logging

Have a few trees that need to be harvested? Our team is conscious of carefully harvesting logs with minimal damage to the undergrowth or smaller trees. Ask us for a quote.

Custom Log Milling

We offer custom milling on our Woodmizer LT15 of your logs to your specification. The cost of milling is $.50 a BF or minimum $100. If you need us to pick up the log at your location we are happy to quote trucking for that.

Kiln Drying for Quality Furniture

To avoid shrinkage and cracking all lumber needs to be dried prior to use in crafting furniture. Our solar kiln uses heat from the sun and minimal power to run fans. We are happy to kiln dry your lumber at $.50 per BF or $50 minimum.

Planing to Precise Thickness

After drying lumber, planing is the next step in making quality furniture. A planer removes saw tooth marks and leaves a smooth surface. We offer two options:
1. Skip planing. This gives you one side that is mostly smooth. $.25 per BF
2. Planed. This gives two clean faces $.50

— $25 minimum








Split and Seasoned Firewood

We offer both hard and soft wood firewood. Hard wood includes hickory, beech, oak, ash, and hard maple at $75 per cord (rick). Softwood includes species like soft maple, cherry, poplar, and pine at $65 per cord (rick).

Design Your Own Piece

We have partnered with an incredible artisan craftsman who can custom design you a piece of furniture. Contact us for more detail.


What We Value

Reclaimed Materials

Personal Service



Our Inventory

Below is a list of common hardwood species, we may not have all of these in stock at all times. Contact us to check current availability and get a quote, prices shown may not reflect current market conditions.


Visit our Etsy store to see our listed pieces there, feel free to contact us directly for local pickup options. 




“The focus is on finding solutions with you.”

“The wood slabs from Harmony Hardwoods are of excellent quality, but the real reason I do business with Jason is because of his service and helpful attitude. The focus is on finding solutions with you.”
–⁠ Joseph Miller

get to know the founder

Meet Jason Stoll

As a young lad growing up in southern Ontario, some of my best childhood memories are working out in the bush with Dad, a team of horses, and nature. The bush was always the most pleasant spot on the farm on a cold winter day. The trees broke the wind, yet being bare of leaves allowed the low winter sun to enter and warm the ambient temperature against all the dark colored trunks. Maple syrup season was a highlight from a very young age, I rode with Dad in a sledge as the team sloshed through the mud, to gather the precious maple sap to be boiled down to syrup at the sugar shanty.

My love for nature and trees is inherited. My great grandfather Gascho loved caring for the bush, and maple syrup was always boiled in the spring. He used to relate the story of an old farmer who one day worked all day in the bush walking from tree to tree to gather the sap and then boiling it down to syrup, (it takes 40-50 gallons of sap for one gallon of syrup). At the end of the day as the old farmer walked home with his small bucket of finished syrup he tripped on a root and fell, spilling the entire days work. Bone tired, and bruised in the fall the old fellow couldn’t help shedding a couple tears as he sat beside the path for a few minutes. But then what was there to do but get up and do it all again tomorrow.


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